A2 sized fold-out poster.
The brief also encouraged the addition of some fresh copy writing.

IADT Animation Brochure



Design an informational poster/brochure to promote the Animation Course at IADT. The client expressed that they were looking for something lively and off-beat with a high degree of design authorship and originality.


I started to think about the skill set of the animator, and quickly realised that one of the most unique parts of being an animator was having the ability to bring anything to life — any idea, image, person, place or object, no matter how abstract, bizarre or silly.

I felt it would be appropriate to show the inner workings of the animator’s mind. Using an illustration of a huge head as my central image, I began filling it with photograms that I was generating in a photo darkroom, some of them fun and quirky, and some of them more abstract but full still of life. Feeling that ‘liveliness’ needed to run through every aspect of the design, I began creating a custom typeface that rises up out of blocks of colour.


Once I had finished the photograms and the custom typeface, it was just a matter of mixing them with my giant head drawing and playing around with composition and colour. The final result is presents the course in an engaging, fun and inviting way. I’m hoping it’s something that future and current students at IADT will enjoy hanging on their walls.