Better Farms Showcase at The IADT Graduate Exhibition


Better Farms

Motion / Packaging / Print / Web

Project Description

Dutch scientists are currently using animal stem cells to create strips of ‘cultured’ meat. Their aim is to soon develop the world’s first lab-grown hamburger; one that looks and tastes exactly like the meat we’re used to. This new food could become an extremely worthwhile alternative to conventional meat, with the potential to benefit our environment, our health and the welfare of animals. Better Farms is an attempt to brand and market cultured or ‘Better’ meat — to wipe away any ‘yuck factor’ and encourage ethical meat-lovers to embrace this guilt-free food.


Not surprisingly, the idea of cultured meat from a laboratory seemed less than appetising to the majority of meat-eaters that I had discussed it with. In order to successfully market this new form of meat, it was necessary to establish a brand that celebrated the ethical, environmental and health benefits of cultured meat over livestock meat. It was also important to underplay the ‘lab’ aspect of the meat, portraying it as a natural, responsible step forward in a fun, encouraging and confident way.


From this objective, the brand-name ‘Better Farms’ was chosen, with ‘cultured meat’ transformed to ‘Better meat’. A fun, warm and trustworthy visual language was constructed from recycled materials, crudely-cut images and hand-rendered lettering.

The resulting visual language, along with a friendly, encouraging tone of voice helps to convey the message that cultured meat is just like real meat, only better.