YOU! Control Climate Change



To create an identity for the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Climate Change Conference and to design an exhibition which would co-incide with the conference.


Tired of seeing campaigns that show green stick figures holding hands and hugging planet Earth, I wanted to develop an identity that would really confront people about how they contribute to climate change. The immediacy in the aesthetics of guerilla graffiti and protest posters began to inspire the look-and-feel of the entire project.


I developed a simple black and white identity that was aggressive yet engaging. The graffiti-like YOU! mark has a strong sense of urgency which I was able to apply across a wide range of media.



For the exhibition design I decided to push the confrontational aspect of my campaign even further. Inspired by the concept of ghost-houses, I designed a space where people could enjoy being ‘scared straight’ by interactive panels that highlighted different causes and effects of climate change, while also highlighting the steps that people could take in their everyday lives to reduce their contribution to climate change.