Happy Family Title Sequence
Promotional Poster
Special Edition DVD Packaging

Happy Family Film Credits



Team up with a final year Film Student at IADT to create the title sequence and promotional print material for their graduating film.


Happy Family tells the story of a 10 year old boy named Dylan who refuses to accept his mother’s new boyfriend into his life and into the family home. It’s a lovely, simple film with wonderful comedic moments that punctuate the drama of Dylan’s resistance to change. I wanted to create a title sequence which highlighted this resistance in a poetic yet slightly quirky way. Like a furious housewife , I packed all of my dad’s clothes into a bag and began throwing them out the window.


From the massive amount of footage of my dad’s shirts, ties and boxer shorts falling through the sky, as well as a simple piece of music that I composed, I constructed the title sequence shown on the left. I incorporated the same idea of falling for the poster and fold-out dvd packaging.

Thanks a lot to Freddie Stevens for allowing me to use his super-slick camera to get the slow-mo shots. Thanks also to the many friends who helped to hurl clothes out of the window while I got the camera angle right.