Heathers Onstage Graphics
Graphics in situ. Photograph by Abraham Tarrush.

Heathers Onstage Graphics



To create a motion graphics intro for Heathers’ ‘Kingdom’ tour. It was important that the intro build excitement and tension in the few moments before the band’s performance.


Heathers’ ‘Kingdom’ is an album fueled by ideas of escapism; with dreamy, Wizard of Oz–like references to and a better world that lies “Somewhere, out there...”. For a live intro video we decided to hone–in on the idea of leaving the real world behind, using the video as a vehicle that transports audiences from the real–world into Heathers’ own ‘Kingdom’. The Heathers twins were kind of enough to lend me some old home–movie footage of their childhood, which came to represent ‘the real world’ that would be left behind.


Andrew ‘Eberhart’ Bannister — Sound Design Stephen Halker — Original Artworking