Interaction ’12



Create an identity and website for Interaction ’12, a conference hosted by Interaction Design Association (IxDA) that will come to Dublin next February.


Interaction ’12 will mark the first year that the annual Interaction conference is held outside of North-America. I wanted to create a visual language that would give a sense of place and promote Dublin as a fun, vibrant and truly ‘interactive’ city.

Full of national pride I began studying the ancient art of Celtic Interlace. I thought that the interlaced strands found in these historical patterns provided a nice visual metaphor for the idea of people and objects interacting with each other. I created my own interlaced patterns which highlighted the various themes of the conference in a lively and engaging way. The often misunderstood-idea of interaction design was explained to ordinary citizens through simple illustrations of interactive designed objects.


I received an award from IxDA for this project, which made it to the final round of their web and identity design competition.