ISTD Competition 2010



In 2010, The International Society of Typorgraphic Designers issued a very open brief which encouraged entrants to explore ‘the wonderful world of fakery’ through typography.


I became fascinated by the typography used in hugh-end supermarket packaging. I find it remarkable that simple type and colour treatments can add an idea of luxury to extremely banal products like water and eggs, and can therefore lure customers into paying more for these products.


I went to LIDL, a supermarket famous for good value, and bought a selection of cheap groceries. I then removed the labels from the packages and replaced them with my own ‘Faiko Stores’ labels. Immediately a collection of cheap products was transformed into an array of ‘luxury’ goods.

I designed these labels to highlight the fakery of high-end grocers by literally spelling out the connotations attached to ‘luxury’ food and drink items, connotations that we often unconsciously buy into.