Short Film. NB: Audio contains low bass frequencies; headphones or good speakers recommended.
Limited Edition DVD Packaging

In Pursuit of Silence



My task here was to create a response to John Cage’s 4’33”, a controversial music composition in which the player, or players, simply do absolutely nothing for four minutes and thirty‐three seconds. The piece was created in 1952 to highlight the impossibility of absolute silence.


I decided to create a dark short film about an unhinged individual searching for absolute silence, and driven to insanity by the ambient sounds of his domestic environment. I started by gathering a series of recordings of domestic ’background‘ sounds ; clocks ticking, the central heating in operation, electrical crackles from an old light, the wind blowing outside. The sounds formed the narrative, which the actor Ciarán Wilson played out for me. Afterwards, I digitally created a series of motion type compositions to illustrate the sounds effecting the central character.


A dark and unsettling short film that cleverly illustrates the impossibility of silence. The drama is enhanced greatly by sounds layering together and getting louder and louder throughout the film.