Univers Poster



Create a promotional poster for Linotype Font Foundry to advertise Adrain Frutiger’s ‘Univers’ typeface.


In 1957, Adrian Frutiger completed his revolutionary Univers typeface; a visually programmed family with twenty-one different weights, thereby expanding the previous palette of typographic variations sevenfold. In recent years, Linotype have worked with Frutiger himself to expand Univers into 59 different weights.

Univers is regarded as a truly expansive typeface, so for this project I decided to take the word ‘expansive’ as my starting point. Naturally, combining the word ‘expansive’ with the name ‘Univers’ got me thinking about outer space. I started researching constellations of stars and how they are mapped out in print. Inspired by the idea of showing an expansive space on a flat, printed surface, I decided to create my own constellation map of the many Univers characters.


An expansive Univers.